Cricket Class: 

3 months to 12 months

The Cricket classroom holds our youngest students! The classroom is structured  so that if the babies are not sleeping or eating, they are free to explore! Tummy and floor time is definitely encouraged in the Crickets’ room  so that each child can develop strong muscles and motor skills  to sit, stand and walk! Our infants practice "on demand" schedules. If they are hungry, the eat, if they are tired, they sleep, if they are ready to play, they play. 

Ladybug Class: 

12-24 Months

The Ladybug room is our waddler/toddler classroom! Within this classroom, teachers assist with language development and encourage free play. Our ladybugs practice following simple directions and develop self-help and language skills. These wonderful skills are learned through hands on play based activities. These students participate in a variety of large-motor, small-motor, and sensory activities to help nurture all their developing skills. 

Honeybee Class: 

Older Toddlers

In the Honeybee classroom, children learn and explore through a variety of age and developmentally appropriate hands-on activities to encourage development. This class participates in a brief circle time each day where they read stories, sing songs, and learn about letters, numbers, shapes, and more! These students do a variety of arts and crafts to develop small motor skills, and participate in a weekly dance class and take nature walks to nurture their large motor development. 

Dragonfly Class: 


In this preschool class, teachers will begin to guide students to develop complex skills such as hold scissors, use writing utensils, and complete/engage in difficult puzzles and games. Circle time includes story time (with question and answers), singing, talks about the weather as well as the calendar. Students will begin to work on literacy and number sense to prepare them for Kindergarten. 


Grasshopper Class:


This is a small class for children getting ready for kindergarten. Our grasshopper students participate in a variety of hands on activities to help them learn numbers, letters,shapes, and so much more. In this class they are learning to write their names and peers names, recognizing letters and numbers, "reading" and retelling stories, playing make-believe, and building with blocks.